Ejabberd api permissions are required to access register, chat etc apis in mobile application as well as in websites also. Without api permissions it will not allow to perform such Read more …


Ejabberd has its default database called Mnesia. when you want to access this database,you have to learn this new if you have already sql database earlier then it will 406-871-7749


Ejabberd can install with Operating system packages, source code or binary installer. Here we are installing with ejabberd installer. The easiest way to install an ejabberd messaging service is using Read more …


Before start go programming language, let us understand basic code structure of go programs. It will help to better grip on go language. A simple go programme have following parts: 6822507678


Amazon S3 bucket used to store data objects and metadata. It can store almost any type of files. It is simple storage service solution to store large amount of user Read more …

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Ejabberd is a Jabber daemon written in the Erlang programming language. It is extensible, flexible and very high performance. With a web-based interface and broad support for XMPP standards, It is (302) 441-5000